Hey y’all! We’re excited you’re interested in becoming part of the team at Joe Van Gogh Coffee.

Our mission is simple: making exceptional coffee accessible.

The only way that’s possible—that we know of, at least—is to bring together a group of fun, friendly, and dedicated folks with a shared passion for coffee and the community it can create.

From the crew at our warehouse to the baristas and bakers at our cafes, we’re looking for people who share our values: kindness, collaboration, empathy, integrity, and creativity.

Does that sound like the kind of environment where you can thrive? Well, good news! We’ve got some job openings. 

Available Openings

All Locations | Hourly Position
Full Time 30+ hours per week
Part Time 15-25 hours per week

A Joe Van Gogh barista serves as one of many faces of the company as well as the final representative of the specialty coffee production chain. Baristas are responsible for providing excellent customer care as well as consistently preparing coffee and tea beverages to the highest standard at a high volume. In addition to these tasks, baristas are expected to maintain daily operations (cleaning, stocking, organizing), continually build upon skills and knowledge, and contribute to a positive team atmosphere.

  • Learn about specialty coffee (optimal brewing, processing methods, and the journey the beans take from various parts of the world to the beverage you’re holding in your hands).
  • Express your creativity through latte art.
  • Opportunities for promotion from within and the development of leadership skills.
  • Build relationships with customers and the community.

Full Job Description

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Multiple Locations | Hourly Position
Full Time: 36-40 hours a week

The baker must have attention to detail and produce consistent products according to Joe Van Gogh recipes and standards. This position has the opportunity for growth.

  • Be a part of a dedicated and creative team.
  • Competitive pay & excellent benefits.
  • Supportive, inclusive culture with room to grow.

Full Job Description

Email your resume to to apply. 

Multiple Locations | Salaried Position
Full Time: 37+ hours a week

The Culinary Director leads the culinary program at Joe Van Gogh. This position directly
oversees the management of the South Court Bakery and Woodcroft Kitchen. The Culinary
Director is constantly working to grow and improve the culinary program at Joe Van Gogh
through recipe development, improving SOPs, developing new streams of revenue, and
fostering meaningful wholesale relationships. The Culinary Director carefully sources
products and ingredients and develops recipes for the cafes and wholesale customers. The
Culinary Director is a company leader and works closely with other company leaders to
promote and elevate the culinary department and the Joe Van Gogh brand.

Full Job Description

Email your resume to to apply. 

Multiple Locations | Hourly Position
Full Time: 36-40 hours per week

This position will be a mix of dishwashing and assisting with kitchen prep at our Woodcroft café and SouthCourt commissary bakery. Shifts will be Thursday-Monday 8am-4pm.

Full Job Description

Email your resume to to apply. 

Roastery, Hillsborough | Hourly Position
Full Time: 36 – 42 hours per week
Part Time: 20-28 hours per week

You will be working with our production and fulfillment teams to package coffee and fulfill orders for our wholesale customers, retail locations, and private label accounts.

  • Be a part of a collaborative team while also having autonomy when it comes to how individual tasks are performed.
  • Access to new coffees – we’re always roasting and brewing up something new.


Full Job Description

Email your resume to to apply. 

Roastery, Hillsborough | Hourly Position
Full Time: 36 – 42 hours per week

The Production Roaster works with the roasting team and production team to roast coffee and fill orders for our wholesale customers, retail locations, and private label accounts. They roast coffee to profile, maintain roasting equipment, ensure accurate green and roasted coffee inventories, and collaborate daily with Head Roaster, Production Manager, and Director of Coffee to ensure that roasting and production needs are met.

Full Job Description

Email your resume to to apply. 

Roastery, Hillsborough | Hourly Position
Part Time: Avg 20 hours per week

The Production and Fulfillment Second Shift Manger oversees second shift private label fulfillment
and processing of all second shift outbound orders. They also collaborate with the Roastery
Operations Manager and production and fulfillment team members to fill orders, manage logistics,
and maintain our roasting facility.

Full Job Description

Email your resume to to apply. 

Our Hiring Process

Salary Positions: email your resume and cover letter to to apply.

Hourly Positions: email your resume to to apply. 

Barista Position: please apply here.

*Hourly employees only go through: submitting an application, hiring manager interview, and offer stages of our hiring process.

In this introductory conversation, a member of our hiring team will reach out via email to set up a phone interview. This interview is a great opportunity for us to learn more about you and why you’re interested in the role. We can also answer any questions you have about working at Joe Van Gogh.

During this interview, you will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with a few fellow members of the Joe Van Gogh team, including the Hiring Manager responsible for the position. We will request that you provide particular instances from your previous work background that showcase the skills and abilities we seek for this role. Additionally, this is an excellent moment for you to inquire about the position and their team directly to the Hiring Manager. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Before the Team Interview, our Hiring Team will ask for references from our top candidates. However, the final step involves reaching out to these references to gain a deeper understanding of your working relationship. A helpful suggestion is to inform your references in advance that a member of the Joe Van Gogh team might reach out via email or phone. This precaution ensures that our team can smoothly communicate with them and prevents any potential delays in the hiring process.

This is the final interview in our hiring process! In this interview, you will get to meet the company leaders and share your interest in the role, as well as past experiences that have prepared you for this opportunity.

If you’re a good fit for the role that we are looking to fill, you will receive an email from human resources with a job offer. In this email, the hiring manager will outline compensation, benefits, part-time or full time status and start date.

Diversity & Compensation

Joe Van Gogh, Inc., hires and employs individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, and any other protected characteristic, as established by law. Employment is strictly based upon an individual’s capabilities and qualifications. This Equal Employment Opportunity policy applies to all procedures relating to recruitment and hiring, compensation, benefits, termination and all other terms and conditions of employment.

At Joe Van Gogh, we follow a policy of not engaging in negotiations for compensation or benefits packages. This approach is rooted in research that demonstrates how negotiations can lead to unjustifiable pay discrepancies. These disparities are often not based on differences in skills or abilities but rather on individuals’ negotiation prowess. In light of this, we prefer to provide an initial offer that we consider to be equitable for the position, rather than starting with a lower offer and expecting negotiation.

To ensure fairness, we conduct an annual analysis of compensation for every role within the company. This analysis takes into account various factors such as local living wage data, industry benchmarks, company size, experience, and skill levels. By doing so, we strive to ensure that our wage offerings align with the regional market and provide a fair remuneration for our employees.


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