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With the right tools, anyone can make a great cup of Joe Van Gogh coffee! Check out our coffee classes, or our brewing videos below.

Coffee Classes

Whether you’re one of our wholesale customers, a prosumer hobbyist, or just someone curious about how to make barista-quality coffee, we have several in-person class options to level up your skills. Each class is taught by our Learning and Talent Development Team. Their approach is to provide a holistic view of coffee itself: not just focusing on the final product but appreciating and honoring the transnational journey each bean has been on and the work of farmers, pickers, and processors it took to get them in our hands.

Our small class sizes guarantee that each participant has the opportunity to engage in hands-on practice, work directly with products or equipment, and receive personalized feedback from our facilitators to help them develop their skills. The Training Center is located in Unit 108 near our roasting facility in Hillsborough, NC.


How to Brew Coffee

Follow along as we show you how to brew on multiple brewing devises with our recommended recipes.


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