Refrigerator / Freezer NSF Dial Thermometer

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This 2″ dial refrigerator / freezer & dry storage thermometer features food safety guidelines and safety zones. These guidelines help reinforce proper food storage conditions, as do the safety zones. The zones also provide visual reminders as to the safe temperature ranges for frozen storage, deep chill, refrigerated storage, and dry storage. By showing these four zones, the thermometer serves as a versatile tool great for multiple areas in your back-of-house.

Made with a stainless steel housing and glass lens, this thermometer displays a temperature range of -20 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 to 27 degrees Celsius). It provides an accuracy of +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit. To use, stand it on a shelf, on the bottom of the freezer, or in another convenient location. It can even hang from both the side or front, so the dial is always placed for easy visibility.

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Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 6 in