We invite our wholesale customers to come learn with us at our Training Center, located in Unit 108 near our roasting facility.

Our small class sizes guarantee that each participant has the opportunity to engage in hands-on practice, work directly with products or equipment, and receive personalized feedback from our facilitators to help them develop their skills.

We provide a 100% discount on our classes to our wholesale customers.

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Barista Skills

Our barista skills course combines hands-on practice and group discussion to explore techniques for preparing espresso, steaming milk, and caring for espresso machines.

Brewing Skills

This course combines demonstration with hands-on practice to introduce participants to various brewing methods like the Kalita Wave, the Chemex, the French Press, and the Aeropress.


As coffee professionals, developing the ability to taste and evaluate coffees allows us to communicate more effectively across the supply chain on topics like quality and cup character.

Digital Learning Platform

Our wholesale clients also have access to our digital learning platform on Thinkific, which includes a library of how-to videos covering a variety of coffee topics that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


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